Total Release Experience®


Heal Yourself and Build Resilience


The Total Release Experience® 5-step programme is unique and natural. If you find the day to day challenges of life stressful, or have experienced trauma, then this is for you.


The tensions from such experiences, as far back as childhood, are held in your body’s muscle memory. As a result, over time, you start to react on a physical, mental and emotional level and life starts to spiral downwards.


The Total Release Experience® programme teaches a simple, ‘no talking’ physical practice to let go of long held tensions from deep within the core muscles [psoas] in the way that nature intended.


Effective immediately, it returns the body to a relaxed and balanced state. Regular practice builds resilience and aids a lifetime of wellbeing. Experienced practitioners guide and support you through the process and once you have learned the technique, you have a powerful life tool you can use for the rest of your life.


The Science


The natural bodily response to over-excitement or fear is to tremor. Behavioural studies show how tremoring is the mechanism that protects animals from psychological and physical damage after a frightening experience.


Humans also have this inbuilt mechanism to tremor, which releases tension and rebalances the body and mind after shock or stress. Tremoring or shaking is seen as a sign of weakness and we have learnt to suppress this natural response. Total Release Experience® taps into this primal knowledge and teaches you how to use your body’s natural ability to release tension, heal yourself and build resilience.


Anyone Can Benefit


Following the Total Release Experience® 5 step programme can have a huge, positive impact on you as you heal from a wide variety of conditions. You don’t need to have a specific ‘problem’ to experience the remarkable benefits. This programme is easy to learn, suitable for children from age 5, up to the elderly. You feel better than you have ever done before, start building resilience and avoid the negative effects of everyday stress.


Clients have experienced profound improvements in their recovery from:

·     IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome]

·     The pain of grief/loss/divorce

·     Depression, anxiety, panic attacks and OCD

·     Addictions

·     Fibromyalgia/chronic pain

·     High/low blood pressure

·     Abuse/bullying

·     Chronic fatigue

·     Headaches/migraines

·     Insomnia

·     Sexual issues/problems conceiving

·     Stress and tension

·     Trauma [including PTSD]

·     Work/study stress and burn-out

·     Anger



Other benefits include:


·     Improved memory/concentration & focus

·     Happier mood, feeling more at peace

·     Increased energy levels

·     Better sleep

·     Improved confidence and communication



About Sally:


I was introduced to the Total Release Experience® in 2015. After many years of back pain and countless trips to chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists I had never managed to get to the root cause of the pain and heal it long term.


Several people recommended TRE® UK and Caroline Purvey to me and I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I ever made, and after a 6 week course, I decided that it was such a valuable tool, I wanted to learn how to give the opportunity to heal themselves to others. I decided to train as a practitioner as soon as Caroline had the courses available.


After a rigorous training course, with both practical and theoretical modules, I am now a qualified Practitioner and can offer 1-2-1 Foundation Courses.


My training continues so I will be able to offer group courses, regular releaser sessions and on-line Courses.

Currently I am able to offer private, one to one Courses, either in your home or mine.

A course of 3 sessions, with all of the resources for your practice, preparation video series from TRE® UK and my ongoing support at any time costs £210.


There is the option of a bonus session, after the first 3 for £50. The ethos of TRE®UK is to teach and empower YOU to heal yourself. Once you have learned how to do the practice, you have a tool for life, but if at any point you feel you would like to have a ‘top-up’ session this can be arranged.